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Michael Reilander has been building electric guitars for over 15 years, and has been perfecting his pickup recipes for the last ten years.

Growing up, Michael has spent countless hours with his Grandfather, George Klemm, an accomplished cabinet maker, in his wood shop. They would work on various projects together, teaching Mike the arts of joinery and patience.

With Michael’s prior knowledge of wood, high school woodworking seemed to loose it’s appeal. It would be akin to a French immersion student moving to an English school with a French class. His teachers, Mr. John Smith and Mr. Mike Kinal, recognized this and challenged him accordingly.

Later on, Michael discovered that Mike Kinal was an accomplished luthier, and that he also offered a guitar building course, partially subsidized by the school. Michael took full advantage of this. In 1995, under the direction of Mike Kinal, Michael had built his first solid body electric guitar.

As time progressed, Michael realized that it’s one thing for a guitar to sound and play beautifully, but making it look beautiful is an art of it’s own. Michael’s father, Garry Reilander, and brother Joshua helped him with this challenge. Garry is an accomplished auto body man and painter, and Josh, a painters apprentice. Garry would give Michael pointers and explain techniques, while Josh would lend Michael a hand, along with his tools to experiment.

Not happy with out of the box electronics, Michael set out on a never ending quest for tone. He has experimented with hundreds of different tone caps, pots, pickup combinations and active circuits. Michael finally decided to take a crack at making his own pickups, hoping to find the tonal characteristics that have been so elusive to him. Little did he know this obsession for tone would lead to his own line of pickups.

Michael takes great pride in his work. When you buy a Reilander product, you can be assured that every screw, nut, bolt, and solder joint have been checked, re-checked, and checked again. Michael has developed a rigorous testing process for each and every component so that you can be confident that your purchase will last you a lifetime.

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